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Unlock the Power of a Healthy & Aligned Smile.

The world´s first antibacterial braces to correct, protect, and retain your teeth, while continuously supporting your oral hygiene. 


Give your teeth some love

Our mission is to innovate oral & dental care routines and make them accessible through our technology - the world's first antibacterial braces that align, protect and retain teeth while supporting oral hygiene. Our patented combination of plant-derived polymer, which absorbs antibacterial substances, and our patented antibacterial solution CINNA, with Cinnamon as the main active ingredient, effectively fights caries bacteria.

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Naturaligner is the world’s first antibacterial clear aligner that naturally aligns teeth and improves oral hygiene simultaneously. 

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Cinna is the world's only invisible antibacterial brace that retains teeth, protects against tooth abrasion, and improves oral hygiene by fighting caries bacteria.


CINNA Care Solution

We apply our patented CINNA antibacterial solution, with Cinnamaldehyde as the main active ingredient, to our braces to support your oral hygiene by fighting caries bacteria, keeping gums and teeth healthy, and providing a fresh taste day and night.  

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The only antibacterial invisible brace
on the market

Designed and produced in Switzerland

A top grade
material system with shape memory

Products powered
by nature

We strive to improve the oral hygiene of our patients & to be a trustworthy partner for our dental partners
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“CINNA is music in my mouth"


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