TOFI® Trainer

Interactive oral healthcare through
digital & gamified myofunctional therapy.

TOFI® trainer
TOngue FItness based on gamified myofunctional therapy.

Our start-up is working on launching an innovative solution for snoring and sleep apnea therapies. The TOFI® Trainer is a tongue-machine interface sensitive to the tongue’s position & force. This enables the patient to drive a gamified myofunctional training app with the tongue.

Sleep plays a vital role for our well-being. Getting enough sleep at the right times protects our mental and physical health. However, every second person worldwide is affected by disruptive snoring and sleep apnea. But not only the patients suffer from the consequences of sleep lack. The family members who sleep next to them are considerably involved in this sad journey. In more than 30% of the cases, the snoring and sleep apnea correlates directly to a lack of tongue muscle control, which can be treated through so-called myofunctional muscle training.

Our worldwide unique polymer nano-technology enables ultra-thin pressure sensors and stretchable electronics as a tactile interface between the tongue and a smartphone app. The TOFI Trainer is able to send data directly to the connected device for monitoring and reviewing. The data is used to steer the therapy session to obtain the best results. The gamification will keep the patient’s motivation high and guarantee the successful execution of the therapy.

We focus the design of the therapy on the entertainment and interactive aspects of the exercises, which will keep the patient’s motivation high to continue and complete the treatment. It is proven that the myofunctional exercises increase the strength and subconscious control of the tongue at night through daily training. Such practices result in prevention, alleviation, or full treatment of chronic snoring and light sleep-apnea.

Driven by Swiss academic innovation

The Swiss National Innosuisse agency supports the project with our innovation partners from EMPA Dübendorf, Zurich University of the Arts and Basel University Hospital. VISIT: https://interactiondesign.zhdk.ch/projekte/tofi/