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Everything you'll need to write a great story about Bottmedical, the world’s only Antibacterial Invisible brace that improves your oral hygiene. Here you’ll find the CINNA and Naturaligner logo in various versions, other image assets, and our press releases.
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Press Releases

APR 10, 2023

Bottmedical announces Shape Memory as a functionality of their material system. 

MAR 24, 2023

Bottmedical announced their collaboration with Minilu at IDS, the world's biggest dental fair.

OCT 10, 2022

After the successful pilot of their Naturaligner therapy, Bottmedical is introducing CINNA.

JUL 25, 2022

Bottmedical has been selected for batch #16 of TechFounders, one of Europe's leading accelerator programs

Company Info


Year of incorporation
Country of Origin





Bottmedical AG Technologiepark BaselHochbergerstrasse 60c
4057 Basel, Switzerland


A start-up founded by scientists, supported by international investors, driven by young talents who share the same vision and believe in the power of scientific knowledge.

CEO, co-founder: Dr. Tino Töpper.

Co-founder and Member of the board: Dr. Bekim Osmani

Co-founder and Medical Research: Dr. med. dent. Jeannette von Jackowski

Co-founder and Clinical Advisor: Dr. med. dent. Guido Sigron

Co-founder and Scientific Advisor: Prof. Dr. Bert Müller

Co-founder and Sales & Digital Marketing Advisor: Tobias Hollritt

Co-founder: Pascal Brenneisen


Bottmedical offers the world's first antibacterial aligners and retainers. With our invisible braces, we are changing the way you take care of your daily oral hygiene! CINNA and Naturaligner can correct, protect, and retain your teeth, while continuously supporting your oral hygiene.


Cinna is the world's only invisible antibacterial splint that retains teeth, improves oral hygiene and protect against tooth abrasion.
With its unique antibacterial solution to protect and improve oral hygiene combined with its patented bio polymer material system that absorbs its antibacterial care solution, CINNA improves oral hygiene by fighting caries bacteria, maintaining healthy gums and teeth, protecting against tooth abrasion caused by grinding and providing a fresh taste day and night.

Naturaligner is the world’s first antibacterial aligner that naturally aligned teeth and improves oral hygiene simultaneously.
In addition to providing excellent mechanical strength in tooth alignment and retention, Its patented bio polymer material decreases the absorption of microplastics, and combined with CINNA antibacterial care solution, improves oral hygiene during the whole orthodontic treatment, with no additional cleaning required and freshness maintained for more than 16 hours.





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