Clear aligner therapy
with next-gen bio-based materials.

thermoforming foil based on next-generation natural materials.

10% of the global population qualify for minor teeth alignment therapy. On the other hand, the number of adults seeking orthodontic treatment has lately considerably increased. The attributes prospective patients are seeking for are aesthetics and comfort, both very difficult to be accomplished by conventional fixed appliances. Transparent and removable plastic aligners are already being present in the market for several years. But holding a plastic appliance in the mouth may trigger serious health issues. Microplastic is being ingested into the patient’s body through continual abrasion of the clear aligner rail. The related health risks are so far unknown and thus unpredictable.



The bio-based material system is also characterized by extremely high abrasion resistance and at the same time comfortable to wear at night to protect your teeth from grinding.

Bleaching rail

The tooth splint for bleaching is characterized by 100% bio-based material including packaging and therefore contributes to lower plastic pollution of the environment.


Micro-plastic free bio-interface


Teeth care

Natural saliva storage & anti-microbial properties for reduced caries risk



Gentle fit &  skin-like surface

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