About us

We envision a world, in which scientific research innovates everyday life.

Science crafted to life.

Founded in May 2019, Bottmedical AG is a Swiss deep-tech spin-off from the University of Basel based on an Intellectual Property Portfolio related to the polymer nanotechnology, research results from two Ph.D. theses of Tino Töpper and Bekim Osmani.

These are
our values


We help because we want to.

Behind Bottmedical AG are researchers, scientists and specialists who use their commitment and competence 100% to improve the quality of life of people with health challenges.


Only those who ask and question can get ahead.

Curiosity is an important personality trait of a researcher. Bottmedial AG employs people with a particularly strong sense of curiosity. We question current practice in order to find new ways that lead to feasible solutions.


People do what they like.

While developing its products, Bottmedical makes sure that they are used with pleasure and combines their use with as much fun and joy as possible. In this way, we ensure a high level of compliance and contribute to improving the quality of life.


Each application is associated with an investment and must, therefore, generate a return. Sustainable availability is only possible when this circle is closed.

For Bottmedical AG, economic feasibility is just as important a criterion as the ethical necessity of a medical product.


An intact environment is the basis of all life.

Bottmedical AG focuses on sustainable use in every development. We want to raise awareness for body and environmentally friendly materials and deepen confidence in bio-based raw materials. Bottmedical AG intends to reduce the strain of microplastics in the body with wood-based materials.

Bottmedical is driven by inspired minds. Get in touch for advice!

Dr. Tino Töpper

Co-founder &
Member of the board

Dr. Bekim Osmani

Co-founder &
Member of the board

Pascal Brenneisen

Co-founder &
Chairman of the board

Dr. med. dent. Prasad Nalabothu

Clinical expert

Dr. med. dent. Jeannette von Jackowski

Co-founder &
Medical research

Dr. med. dent. Guido Sigron

Co-founder &
Clinical Advisor

Tobias Hollritt

Co-founder &
Sales & Digital Marketing advisor

Prof. Dr. Bert Müller

Co-founder &
Scientific advisor

Arjeta Osmani

Digital Junior Engineer

Ulrich Hoffmann

Financial Advisor