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About Bottmedical

We aspire a world of sustainable and natural oral care.

Founded by scientists, Bottmedical was built to change the way people care for their daily oral hygiene.

The History

Bottmedical was founded in 2019, in the lovely city of Basel, Switzerland, as a spin-off of the University of Basel, one of the most recognized universities in the world for life sciences. At this University, Bekim Osmani and Tino Töpper found each other - "BOTT" - combining a decade of experience in nanotechnology and dedication to the unknown.

Their academic research experience ultimately built the basis for combining a novel biopolymer with cinnamon based antimicrobials to create reloadable and antibacterial invisible dental appliances. Today, with 3 patents, more than 30 partner clinics, and 2 certified products under its belt, Bottmedical is actively delivering new ways of improving oral hygiene to the world.

Giving love to teeth all over the world

We strive to be the on the forefront of dental innovation, revolutionizing the daily oral care routine we've known for years.


Built for dentists to improve the daily oral hygiene of their patients. Because our oral health is the gate way to our body health. 

We founded Bottmedical with the firm belief of being able to change the way we take care of our daily oral hygiene. Our mission is to use our technology, a patented combination of plant-derived polymer, which absorbs antibacterial substances, and our patented antibacterial solution CINNA, with Cinnamaldehyde as the main active ingredient, to offer the world's first antibacterial braces that align, protect and retain teeth while supporting oral hygiene.

A healthy body and a healthy environment are the foundation of all life. With this new way of doing things, we reflect sustainability in the choice of raw materials and in the design of therapeutic approaches. Especially, we want to deepen confidence in natural plasticizers and antimicrobials, leveraging the power of nature.

Behind Bottmedical AG is a team of researchers, scientists and specialists who use their commitment and competence 100% to improve people's health and deliver products to the highest quality standards.

Our Trusted Dental Clinics

Our Inspirational Team Members

Our Board of Directors 

Partners and
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Our solid research helps oral care to succeed

Bottmedical's innovative technology is fully built in-house by our team of engineers and doctors. This enables full customization and best-in-class accuracy for teeth alignment, retention, and oral care. 


Read our latest scientific progress

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